Engraveron Ron Huntington Master Engraver

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Welcome to my world of engraving !

On these pages you will find examples of pieces that I have engraved by hand, computer, laser or sandblasting. Each method is very different in process, and therefore finished product. Enjoy looking at what I do and thank you for spending a little time with me.

Fine Old World Hand Engraving

This is truly a "lost art". With each passing year there are fewer of us offering this type of fine hand engraving. It started with the ancients painting and then carving onto the walls of their caves. In later centuries the European nobility employed thousands of hand engravers to adorn their precious metal cups, steins and utensils. Their tools of war were adorned with some elaborate hand engraving. Their jewelry was all elaborately engraved. The Asians , Greeks and Persians all had fine hand engravers at work .

I hand engrave on fine watches, rings, necklaces and bracelets. I also hand engrave on guns, knives and specialty pieces. I once was commissioned to hand engrave a name on a sterling carafe that was buried on a family plantation since the civil war. I was thrilled to add the name of a son to the list of names hand engraved over a century ago on this irreplaceable item.

Computer and Laser Engraving

This type of engraving is precision engraving. Doing all the layout and graphics on a computer with unlimited text and artwork makes this an ideal way to engrave all kinds of items. The computer driven engraving machine has made it a very economical way to engrave multiple items at a time. Trophy plaques and plates for little league to golf tournaments may be done this way. Jewelry items are done quite a lot this way.

Laser engraving has been around for a number of years and it has evolved into an excellent way to "mark" things from plastic name badges, coated metal plates to wood and leather items. I did a set of drumsticks for a member of Willy Nelson’s band that turned out very nice by burning the graphic into the wood. Laser corporate logos onto glass ornaments have worked out very well and adding color fill makes the awards even better.


Sandblasting is a method of carving into glass, crystal, rock or sandstone. It has a beautiful depth to it that no other method has. It is great for memorial stones and pavers to Swarovski crystal and Tiffany goblets. On crystal and glass I use a method called photo stencil resist. It gives an incredibly precise and accurate result. Artists use sandblasting on glass to create beautiful wall dividers, banister borders and wall hangings.